How Do I Reset the “maintenance Required” Light for a Toyota Highlander?

Resetting the maintenance light on a Toyota Highlander is a fairly simple process that only requires you to press a few buttons. The entire process can be completed in about a minute.

  1. Sit down

    Sit inside the Highlander and close the door. The engine should be turned off.

  2. Press “Start Engine”

    Push the “Start Engine” button twice, but make sure that your foot is not pressing on the brake. After you press it the second time, the dash of the vehicle will light up.

  3. Press the trip odometer

    Cycle through the options on the trip odometer until you reach “Trip A.” As soon as you reach “Trip A,” push the “Start Engine” button on more time. This will turn off the display.

  4. Hold the trip odometer button

    Wait about 5 seconds, then press and hold the trip odometer button. While continuing to hold this button, press the “Start Engine” button two times. Again, make sure your feet are not on the brake pedal.

  5. Wait for the reset to complete

    Watch as the status bar on the display screen indicates completion. Release the trip odometer button. Then press the “Start Engine” button to turn off the dash display and complete the process.