How Do You Reset an Airbag Module?

welcomia/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

To reset the warning light in an airbag module, disconnect, and after several seconds reconnect, the negative battery terminal. This process also removes error codes from the computer system of the airbag module. Use an airbag resetting software or a scanner tool to remove crash data from the module’s computer.

Begin resetting the warning light in an airbag module by opening the hood of the vehicle. Locate the cable clamp of the negative battery cable and disengage the retaining nut holding it in place with a socket wrench. Gently push the cable clamp off the negative terminal of the battery.

Wait for a minimum of 60 seconds and reconnect the cable to the negative battery terminal. With a socket wrench, replace the retaining nut tightly. This should restore power to the vehicle and reset the light of the airbag module. To check if the module has been reset, turn the ignition key of the vehicle to the “II” mark and verify that the warning light of the module does not flash.

If the warning light continues to flash after resetting, it indicates that a problem, typically concerning damaged parts, persists in the module. In such a case, consult an auto technician to repair or replace the damaged parts