Why Is Research Better Than Common Sense?

Research is better than common sense because common sense is often reliant on relatively narrow and simple assumptions that are sometimes wrong. Research on the other hand is built around theories, which are constantly revised, tested and checked to ensure that they keep with proven facts.

Research plays an important role in science and human development. Research studies are aimed at improving the human understanding of different phenomena. Using proven data obtained from research, scientists and engineers are able to device new solutions that can be applied towards solving real world problems. Research also helps scientists in reaching proven conclusions, backed up hard evidence.

Researchers do not claim that common sense is unimportant. They only argue that people should be less quick to accept common sense as the literal truth. Many commonly accepted truths are in fact untrue. For instance, many people believe that letting out anger by screaming or punching another person brings instant relief. But in many cases, giving in to angry impulses often causes people to become even more upset. Because they realize that not all accepted intuitive beliefs are necessarily true, most scientists and researchers cultivate an attitude of skepticism until concrete evidence is presented. This is where research trumps common sense.