What Are Some Requirements for Sainthood in the Catholic Church?


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A person must have lived a holy life and have been involved in at least one miracle before he can become a saint. The Catholic Church uses a four-stage process to determine if a person should receive sainthood.

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When a person is being considered for sainthood, a bishop investigates his life. If the person is deemed worthy by the bishop, he is referred to as a servant of God.

The next stage requires proof that the candidate lived heroic virtues. This means that the person needs to have worked constantly to become more spiritual and live a holy life. The Congregation for the Causes of Saints examines evidence from the candidate's life, and if it is satisfied, the candidate becomes known as venerable.

The venerable must then be involved in one miracle. The church investigates possible miracles very carefully, consulting experts in various fields. At this point, the pope decides the next step. If a miracle is confirmed, the candidate is referred to as blessed.

A second miracle is required for the candidate to be canonized. Once the second miracle has occurred, the pope may decide to declare the candidate a saint.

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