What Are the Requirements of Church of Christ Preachers?


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Some of the main requirements of Church of Christ preachers are to evangelize, preach sermons and counsel believers. Others include administering to the sick and home bound, providing community leadership and studying biblical scripture. A preferred age, gender and marital status are usually not explicitly specified.

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Recognized as a religious group by the United States Religious Census in 1906, Churches of Christ base their doctrine, practices and belief systems on biblical scripture alone. For this reason, Church of Christ preachers are required to be incredibly well-versed in biblical scripture, with an emphasis on the New Testament, and they are expected to devote a good deal of time to studying and interpreting scripture.

Unlike many mutual ministry congregations, Churches of Christ do not believe that the role of preacher is one that can be filled by anyone. They teach that all Christians have a responsibility to evangelize and to administer works of mercy and good deeds, but that the preacher has a specific responsibility to lead, especially in the area of biblical teaching.

Churches of Christ, and therefore their preachers, teach that sinners can come to the church and achieve salvation by hearing the "truth," believing it and repenting for their sins. Because of this emphasis on being preached to and hearing the truth, the role of the preacher within the Church of Christ is a vital one.

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