What Was Reported in Alan Ladd’s Autopsy?

The February 4, 1964 issue of the Bulletin of Bend and Central Oregon reported Alan Ladd’s cause of death as cerebral edema caused by chemical depressants. Coroner James T. Bird ruled the death accidental.

American actor and producer Alan Ladd was found dead in his Palm Springs home on January 29, 1964, states Wikipedia. The autopsy findings reported by the Bulletin state that one type of barbiturate, alcohol and two types of tranquilizers were present in Ladd’s system. The combination resulted in cerebral edema, or excess fluid in the brain. The coroner declared that the combination of alcohol and chemical depressants delivered a fatal shock to the actor’s central nervous system, though Bird did note the high amount of alcohol as a large factor in creating the shock. Autopsy surgeons ruled out both suicide and heart attack as possible causes of death.

Alan Ladd was born on September 3, 1913, and is most remembered for his roles as the lead in the 1953 Western “Shane” and as the hitman Raven in the 1942 film, “This Gun For Hire,” according to CMG Worldwide. Other popular films Alan Ladd starred in include “Saigon,” “The Glass Key” and “Blue Dahlia.” Ladd died at the age of 50.