How Do You Get a Replacement EBT Card?

In order to replace a lost or stolen EBT card, according to EBT’s policy, the user must contact the Snap and Cash customer service line based in their state of residence. Upon calling the EBT customer service number, a benefit recipient can request a new card.

Once the request for a new card is made, EBT will deactivate the lost, stolen or no longer working card. The replacement card will be mailed to the home address listed in their records, and the card can be expected to arrive in the mail between five and seven business days.

If a card recipient has moved from the address that EBT has listed in their records, it is the responsibility of the benefit recipient to inform the local office that manages the recipient’s case of their change of address.

EBT directs benefit recipients to call the customer service number, which should also be printed on the new card once it is received. Calling the customer service number will prompt the user through a series of automated instructions and the option of selecting a new PIN, as the functionality of the PIN on the old card are not transferred automatically to the replacement, according to EBT.