How Do You Replace a Watch Battery?

Pen Waggener/CC-BY 2.0

To replace a watch battery, open the band, place the watch in a vice, open up the back, and remove the old battery. Clean out the battery compartment, place the new battery inside, and close the watch.

  1. Open the band

    Disconnect or pull aside the band so you can access the back of the watch. For a band that is connected with a clasp, use a toothpick to push the spring-loaded pin out of the way. Open the clasp, and separate the two ends of the band.

  2. Place the watch in a vice

    Carefully place the watch case into an open vice. Gently tighten the vice around the watch, ensuring it does not scratch the case.

  3. Remove the back

    Wedge a case knife or other sharp edge under the back of the watch. Snap the back of the case off. Remove the hatch with a screwdriver and the screw back with a case wrench.

  4. Remove the battery

    Use tweezers to push the battery clip out of the way. Use the tweezers to then remove the battery from its slot.

  5. Clean the battery slot

    Use a cotton swab or the edge of a cleaning cloth to remove any dirt and debris from the battery compartment. Be careful not to jostle any of the watch’s moving parts.

  6. Insert the battery

    Insert the new battery into its slot. Use the tweezers to either snap the clip back in place or hold the clip while you screw the clip back into place.

  7. Close the watch

    Replace the screw, and use a screwdriver to reattach it. Pop the watch case back into place. If necessary, reassemble the clasp.