How Do You Replace a Toro Drive Belt?

To replace a Toro drive belt, clean the mower, remove its deck, spark plug and blade, take out the belt guard and detach the belt from the shaft of the engine and the transmission pulley. Replace the drive belt, and reassemble the belt guard, blade, spark plug and deck. Refer to the owner’s manual for model-specific instructions.

When replacing a Toro drive belt, use the mower’s model number to ensure that the new belt is of the correct size.

Begin replacing the belt by switching the mower off. Remove all debris from the vehicle. Wear gloves when doing this to avoid injury due to contact with sharp components and blades.

Refer to the instruction manual for taking out the deck. Normally, this requires the removal of the deck’s screws. Check the diagrams in the owner’s manual to identify the blade and spark plug locations, and remove them.

The belt guard is present around the pulley of the engine and over the crank shaft. After removing it, take out the drive belt. If required, remove the bolts of the transmission and the axle, and lower them to take the belt out.

When installing the replacement drive belt, do not stretch it excessively. Ensure that the installation is proper, as otherwise the belt may slip, tear or be ejected if it gets entangled in the mower’s machinery.