How Do You Replace Smoke Alarm Batteries?

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Replacing a smoke detector’s battery is crucial to a family’s safety. After locating the smoke detectors and determining how often the battery needs to be changed, read the instructions, remove the back cover, remove the old battery, and replace it with a new battery before reinstalling the detector.

  1. Locate the smoke detector and manufacturer’s instructions

    To change the batteries in a smoke detector, first find the smoke detectors in the home. There should be at least one on each level of the home and one near the sleeping areas. Find the manufacturer’s instructions that came with the smoke detector as well.

  2. Determine what type of smoke detector it is

    Some smoke detectors run only on batteries, while others are powered by an electrical system and have a backup battery. Detectors powered solely by batteries should have the batteries replaced every six months. Those wired into the home’s electrical system should have the backup battery replaced once a year.

  3. Read the instructions

    Check on the back of the smoke detector and in the instructions for a detailed explanation of how to change the batteries. Find out exactly which type and brand of batteries are needed for the smoke detector to function properly.

  4. Remove the back cover

    Following the instructions, remove the back cover of the smoke detector. Be careful not to strip any screws while removing the cover, and place the screws and cover in a safe place until it is time to reattach the cover.

  5. Remove and replace the battery

    Take the old battery out of the smoke detector. Replace it with a fresh, new battery. Put the back cover back on the smoke detector.

  6. Replace the smoke detector

    After the new battery is installed, put the smoke detector back on the wall or ceiling of the home. Test it to be sure it works.