How Do You Replace Lost Honda Car Keys?

To replace a Honda car key, contact a Honda dealer and provide the key number tag that came with the new Honda, and order a new key. Without the key number tag, the process of getting a new key may be more difficult, and you need to furnish proof of ownership of the car in order for the dealer to make a replacement key.

Honda is not able to provide replacement key numbers based on VINs. However, some dealers record the key code information when they sell Honda vehicles, so contacting the original dealer may be helpful in finding lost key number information.

The number key tag on newer Honda models is usually a small piece of plastic with a bar code and numbers. The tag on older Hondas may be a piece of metal stamped with the number key.

Although blank replacement keys for Honda vehicles are available for purchase from many retailers, only a Honda dealership can actually create a replacement key for Hondas with factory-installed immobilizing theft-deterrent systems.

Honda dealers can cut and program both master and valet keys, both of which start the car’s ignition. The master key has a remote transmitter for keyless locking and unlocking of the car’s doors and trunk, while the valet key only opens the door and trunk.