How Do You Replace the Interior Wall Paneling of an RV?

To replace the interior wall paneling of a recreational vehicle, begin by removing the existing paneling and interior trim with a pry bar, and look for any structural damage underneath. If there is any water damage, remove the affected insulation, and allow the structural members to dry completely. If there is any damage, nail a new 1-by-2-inch piece of lumber on one side of the old member to make a new nailer to install the paneling.

Cut a sheet of 4-by-8-foot paneling to fit the on one of the RV’s walls when hanging vertically. If there must be a seam along the wall, make sure that the seam between two panels ends at the center of a structural member. Secure the paneling to the structural members using a pneumatic stapler or a hammer and finishing nails.

Install interior trim using finishing nails or staples along the ceiling, floor, and around any doors or windows to cover any gaps. If necessary, also install narrow battens over the seams between panels to cover any gaps. Finish the paneling as desired with paint or stain.

Typical RV manufacturers use 3/16-inch luan, also known as lauan, paneling on their interiors. However, check the existing paneling to find a match if you do not intend to replace all of the interior paneling.