How Do You Replace a Comcast HD Cable Box?

Replace a Comcast HD cable box by purchasing an alternative cable processing unit through a third-party retailer, which allows you to decode the incoming cable signal and transmit the content by connecting it to an HD television. Alternately, customers may forge the use of the set top box by using the company’s Xfinity apps on other devices, as of 2015.

When signing up for cable television services with Comcast, the company offers customers the standard option of renting an HD cable box to allow the signal to appear on an HD television and give the customer access to features such as on-demand programming and digital recording options. Though the company charges a monthly rental fee on these boxes, it does not mandate that customers use them exclusively. Websites such as and sell various models of alternative cable boxes that support the same features of the Comcast unit without the need to pay a monthly rental fee. However, Comcast may not offer support services for issues with these devices.

Another option for discontinuing the use of the Comcast HD cable box is to return the unit and rely on its Xfinity streaming service, which offers access to its cable programming over mobile devices and Customers may also use devices to broadcast the content onto a home television, such as the Xbox 360 video game console, or connect a computer to the television to watch the content.