How Do You Get Repairs for Your Onan RV Generator?

Repairs for an Onan RV generator can be booked online or on the phone. Services can be found through websites such as Cummins Bridgeway and Funroads.

To book a service for an Onan RV generator on the Cummins Bridgeway website, click Schedule Service Online. Click View Special Offers & Coupons to search for discounts beforehand. RV service supervisors will work to schedule a convenient visit time. Cummins locations employ the Cummins QuickServe process, so a technician will be assigned within one hour of visiting a service center. The centers employ only Cummins factory trained technicians to work on Onan RV generators. Services include a detailed diagnosis and discussion of the RV’s needs.

The Funroads website has details about Coach Care RV Centers, a nationwide service for RV repairs. Coach care RV Centers can also repair Onan RV generators. Use the service finder to search for locations nearby.

The Coach Care RV Center in Kansas, for example, has complimentary overnight parking and free electrical hookup for clients, notes Cummins Central Power. There is also an LP station for clients to use. The center is fully certified as a Cummins Onan service repair center, and, in addition, can work on most leading motor homes’ chassis and appliances.