How Do You Repair a Neon Light?

Repairing neon lights begins with checking the condition of the tubing and replacing the broken part. It is then imperative to check if the power passing through the transformer reaches the bulb. If the neon light quits working because of worn-out cords, replace them with the appropriate ones. With a simple pair of pliers and any necessary replacement parts, you can repair a neon light in less than 30 minutes.

  1. Check the condition of the neon tubing

    Determine if any part of the neon tube is cracked or broken by shaking or jiggling the tubing gently. If there are cracks or broken parts, remove the affected parts by unwinding the mounting wires with your fingers or pliers. Replace the broken parts with matching tubing.

  2. Test the transformer unit

    Test the transformer to discover if the power passing through the transformer reaches the tubing. Disconnect the wires that connect the tubing to the transformer by removing the external rubber cover and unwinding the wires used for the connection. Test the transformer by hooking it to an undamaged piece of tubing. If it fails to light, the problem is with the transformer, which then needs replacement.

  3. Check the condition of the cord

    Defective cords can lead to the failure of neon lights. Check the cords for signs of wear or damage, and replace it with a matching cord. Replacing cords is the simplest and cheapest repair to make because replacement cords are designed to carry the specific voltage required by your sign.