How to Remove Yellow Stains on Vinyl Flooring?

Peter Cade/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Removing yellow stains from vinyl flooring is a simple process that requires applying some basic household cleaning products. Yellow stains on these floors can be caused by polish, rust, molds, paint or food.

This type of stain is one of the easiest to remove because a mop and clean soapy water can do the job perfectly in most cases. Although it is wise to clean a yellow stain on vinyl floors as soon as it appears, if the stain is older and difficult to wipe, special stain removal methods may be needed. If mopping with clean soapy water is not effective, household cleaning chemicals, such as oxalic acid, isopropyl alcohol and household bleaches are used. These chemicals dissolve the stubborn yellow stains on the flooring surface without harming the surface.

When using these chemicals, protective materials should be worn. Small quantities of isopropyl alcohol, household bleach or oxalic acid should be added into 2 cups of water and mixed properly. The strength of this solution should be tested on a small area of the vinyl floor. Once the person is satisfied with the stain removal power of the solution, it should be applied on the stain using a clean cloth. This solution can be left on the stain for a few hours or overnight before cleaning the floor so that it can completely dissolve the stain.