How Do You Remove Spray Foam Insulation From Skin?

The method for removing spray foam insulation from the skin depends on whether the foam is still wet or dry. If dry, the insulation can be removed from skin by using either acetone or a combination of pumice stone and petroleum jelly. If it is still wet or moist on the skin, then one can wipe away any excess foam with a paper towel, and then apply acetone to the affected area.

A product like nail polish remover contains acetone, and can be used as a remover for spray foam. After removing it from the skin, simply wash the skin with soap and water.

When spray has dried on the skin, one can use a pumice stone to rub it away from the skin, spread some petroleum jelly on the area and put on a plastic glove for an hour. One can then clean the area with soap and water.

Spray foam insulation is a product used to seal cracks and holes that prevents air leakage, which can improve a home’s energy efficiency.