How Do You Remove McGard Wheel Locks Without a Key?

The simplest way to remove McGard standard wheel locks without a key is to buy either a locking wheel bolt or a nut removal tool. The two options work similarly. When locked onto a racket, both the locking wheel bolt and the nut removal tool screw onto the wheel bolt and tighten, since they have reversed threads. As of 2015, both options are fairly affordable at between $30 and $45.

McGard spinning collar wheel nuts and bolts require a removal tool that bores into the middle of the wheel nut or bolt. Although these are more expensive than the standard type, they work on both standard and spinning collar wheel nuts and bolts.

Another alternatives for removing McGard wheel locks without a key is to weld a bolt or socket to the locking wheel bolt or nut. This option is a little more risky,

A third option for removing McGard wheel locks is to let the professionals handle it. Take your vehicle into the auto shop, where they may have the appropriate tool.

If the auto shop is unable to remove the wheel locks, a final option is to simply contact McGard’s corporate headquarters and request a new key and set of tools to drill out the bolts. To avoid the hassle and manual labor, this may be the best option for those who don’t know their way around automobiles.