How Do You Remove a Maytag Agitator?

Glow Images Inc/Glow/Getty Images

To remove a Maytag agitator, start with disconnecting the power supply from the Maytag machine. If removing the Maytag agitator from a Maytag washer, use masking tape to stick the washer lid on the top panel. Locate the retaining clips using a plastic putty knife inserted between the front panels and the top, and loosen the center bolt of the agitator before setting it aside.

Unplug the machine from its power source when removing the Maytag agitator. Tape the washer lid to the top panel to prevent the lid from slamming open. Press the clips using a putty knife, and lift the front of the top panel. Lift the top panel to the bits service position, and swing the locking tabs out. Lift the container top and the dispenser away from the top. If the dispenser remains intact, insert a flathead screwdriver between the agitator and dispenser, and turn the blade of the screwdriver. Separate the dispenser from the washer, and put it aside. Remove the center bolt of the agitator using an adapter and a socket wrench. Lift the agitator from the base, and remove it from the machine. After removing the agitator, the bottom of the Maytag tub is ready to clean.