How Do You Remove Air From Your Water Pipes?

Remove air bubbles from water pipes by turning off the water supply, locating all of the faucets and turning them on, and then flushing the remaining water out of the system. Finally, close the faucets, turn the water back on and wait for the pressure to run smoothly from all of the faucets.

  1. Turn off the water supply

    Homes often contain two water supplies: the main water system and the waste water system. It is important to only turn off the main water system. First, locate the main water valve, which is often located outside of the house. Turn it off by using an adjustable wrench to rotate the valve clockwise.

  2. Locate the faucets and flush the remaining water

    Find all the of the indoor and outdoor faucets. Begin flushing the water out from the faucet at the lowest point in the house. Drain each faucet in turn until all the water has been drained out.

  3. Close the faucets and turn on the water supply

    Turn off each faucet, beginning at the lowest point. Next, turn the water supply back on, and turn on all the faucets. Leave the water running until the water runs smoothly out of all of the faucets.