What Is the Remnant in the Church of Seventh-Day Adventists?


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The Remnant is a self-applied term used by Seventh-Day Adventists to refer to themselves and certain believers in other Christian sects who have a special mission to spread Christ's faith and prepare for the end times and the Apocalypse. This belief is connected to the idea that after the Apocalypse, only the Remnant will go on to salvation.

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The Remnant has several duties; first and foremost among them is the proclamation of the true faith of Christ according to Adventist ideals. Second is the preaching of and announcement of the coming end times, and that the end times will bring judgment to all people.

The Remnant views itself as a separate instrument in the architecture of the Universal Church, one meant to prepare humanity and turn it away from sin. The Remnant believes that humanity is especially sinful in the modern era, stretching back to the beginning of Adventist practice.

The Remnant can trace its roots to the biblical book of Revelations, which deals with an imagined combat between the Dragon, understood to be a Satanic figure, and the remnant of a woman's line. This remnant is said to keep the true faith of god, and from it the Remnant draws an identity.

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