What Are Remedies for Calcium Deposits Around the Valve of the Heart?

The only true remedy for calcium buildup around the valve of the heart, also called aortic valve stenosis, is surgery to repair the valve. Low blood pressure medications may ease the symptoms of aortic valve stenosis, but no medications counteract the narrowing of the aortic valve, the Mayo Clinic says.

Most people who suffer from calcium deposits around the aortic valve are men older than 65 years old and women older than 75 years old. A congenital defect in the aortic valve may also cause calcium buildup. A defective heart valve causes blood to leak backwards, the Mayo Clinic says, which causes stenosis.

Doctors do not always suggest surgery to repair aortic valve stenosis. They typically monitor mild and moderate stenosis until the patient begins to suffer from symptoms, the Mayo Clinic says. These symptoms include chest pain, shortness of breath and heart murmur. Surgeons use a variety of procedures to treat the condition, like aortic valve replacement and balloon valvuloplasty.

Overall, doctors effectively treat calcium buildups in the hearts’ valves with surgery, the Mayo Clinic claims. However, patients may still have irregular heart rhythms. Others may need to take medication for heart failure if the heart has become weak from the stenosis. All patients need to take antibiotics after the surgery to prevent infections in the heart.