What Is a Religious Image of Meekness?


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The most common religious image of meekness is the lamb. The lamb is also a symbol of Jesus Christ, who was an important example of meekness through his humility, patience and gentleness.

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Meekness is a quality that is highly regarded in the scripture. Matthew 5:5 states, "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." There are many translations of the word "meekness," all of which are represented well by the symbol of the lamb. Synonyms of meekness include mildness, modesty, easiness, charity, selflessness, unobtrusiveness, faithfulness, fealty and sheepishness. All of these synonyms of meekness can be seen in the symbol of the lamb, and also in the actions of Jesus Christ.

Two other men in the Bible, Moses and David, had the quality of meekness and were representative of lamb-like qualities. In Revelation 5:6, David sees a lamb in the center of a throne. David himself is a model of patience, like the lamb. Moses is a model of overall meekness, to the point that he is called Christ-like. "The Song of Moses" and "The Song of the Lamb" were sung together, so close that they were virtually the same song. They were sung by the masses in Revelation 15:2-4, and in some translations the songs are one, and are called "The Song of Moses and the Lamb."

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