What Are the Religious Holidays of Confucianism?

Marco Brivio/Photographer’s Choice RF/Getty Images

The main holiday celebrated in Confucianism is the birthday of Confucius, which is September 28. There is a festival held each year to pay homage to the founder of Confucianism. Although many people view Confucianism as a religion, it is rather a system of societal and ethical philosophy.

Confucianism is more a way of life. Confucius based his social philosophy on the concept of loving other beings and self-discipline. The main objectives of his teachings were to inculcate the values of compassion and integrity in most facets of Chinese society.

Confucius’ birth date was on September 28 in 551 B.C. He is also known as Kong Qui. The “Analects” are the texts that contain his teachings. Confucius died in 479 B.C.