What Are Some Religious Beliefs About Angels?


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Jews believe that angels are spiritual beings that act as god’s messengers to carry out various missions. Muslims believe that angels are spiritual beings that have no wills of their own. Lutherans believe that some angels are good, while other angels are evil.

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“Malach” is the Hebrew word for angel and literally means messenger. Jews believe that angels vary in their degree of comprehension of god and that god programs every angel to perform particular tasks. For example, Raphael’s responsibility was to heal. God creates some angels for the performance of certain tasks such that upon the execution of their tasks, they cease to exist. Jews believe that people can also create angels through their deeds.

Muslims also believe that angels are supernatural beings that act as intermediaries between the world and god. They believe that prophets and other righteous people can occasionally see angels with their spiritual eyes in visions and dreams. Muslims believe that angels function in the physical world and in the spiritual development of people. Angels bring comfort to the hearts of true believer and inspire noble thoughts in people’s minds.

Lutherans believe that Jesus defeated the bad angels on the cross and gave man victory over bad angels in words, water, wine and bread. They also believe that behind the conflicts of people angels and demons are at war and that good and bad angels declare war through men. Furthermore, Lutherans believe that good things happen only through good angels.

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