What Religions Believe in People Being Cursed?


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Nearly every religion believes in people being cursed. In the Hebrew and Christian religions, women bear the monthly curse of Eve, from when God cursed her after disobeying His orders. God curses Adam and Eve to a life of suffering during childbirth and struggling for food.

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In Deuteronomy, curses are cast upon anyone engaging in a number of sins, such as incest, adultery and disobeying God or failing to worship Him. In the Quran, Allah and Muhammad curse anyone who commits usury or engages in writing contracts or anyone deemed to be an "oppressor."

In Buddhism and Shintoism, the monk Mittavinda is cursed to lifetimes of hunger, and Hinduism is full of curses. Despite popular belief that curses exist only in primitive or unsophisticated religions, they exist in nearly every religion.

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