What Is the Religion of Uruguay?


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Although Uruguay does not have an official religion, most citizens are Christian, primarily identifying as Catholic. Uruguay is noted as a very secular country and the majority of non-Christians do not belong to any particular religion or do not believe in God.

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Uruguay was originally part of the territory of the Charrúa, a small indigenous group. They were displaced by the Portuguese and subsequently the Spanish, both of whom were, by official policy, Catholic. The Spanish conducted an extermination campaign against the Charrúa, leaving a modern country which is majority white and Christian. However, because there were very few to no Charrúa to convert, Uruguay historically had very few missionaries, resulting in the more secular society seen today.

As of 2015, 47 percent of the country identifies as Catholic, while 40 percent identifies as spiritual but not religious, or as atheist. Of the Christians, most do not actively practice, making Uruguay the most secular country in North or South America.

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