What Is the Religion of the Comanche People?

Traditional Comanche religion consists of an unorganized collection of beliefs in spirits that are capable of giving humans special abilities, but the Comanche people have also adopted many Christian beliefs. In ancient Comanche society, organized religion was almost nonexistent.

The tribal beliefs of the Comanche posit the existence of a creator god known as “Big Father,” most commonly identified with the sun. Additional supernatural entities include spirits that can take the form of animals, ghosts and little people. These spirits bestow humans with superhuman strength, insight and other useful abilities.

For the most part, religion was a private matter among the Comanche, according to the Oklahoma Historical Society. They had no communal system of worship. Comanche life was largely based around warfare.

Since the arrival of Christian missionaries in 1881, many Comanche have adopted Christianity, particularly the Dutch Reformed and Methodist denominations.