What Are Some Reliable Online Psychological Screening Tests?


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Russell Dewey, Ph.D., has catalogued the online tests he considers to be the least unreliable at Psych Web. An extensive list of self-administered screenings for mental disorders is available from Healthy Space, and a similar one at personality-testing.info. However, none of these tests are considered to be psychological screenings.

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The professional tests that psychologists use are not only copyrighted by their publishers, they are closely guarded by the specialists who administer them, writes Dr. Raymond Lloyd Richmond, for guidetopsychology.com. He goes on to explain that although the abundant free online self-diagnostic tests may share the same names as common psychological screenings, they are in fact quasi-legal imitations written by individuals whose qualifications are not known. Personality-testing.info, Healthy Space, and Dr. Dewey of Psych Web all echo this sentiment and clarify that online psych tests are strictly for entertainment purposes. To get a reliable psychological screening, see a licensed professional face to face.

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