What Is a Relationship Like for a Scorpio Male and a Cancer Female?

Because they are both water signs in the Zodiac, most astrologists say a relationship between a Scorpio man and Cancer female can be intense and have lots of mutual empathy. About Astrology advises that positives of the relationship may include deep intimacy and emotional intelligence while some cons include the possibility of manipulating behavior and jealousy.

In this relationship, Scorpios tend to require more space or alone time while Cancers help take the edge off Scorpio's seriousness. Because both are water signs, they metaphorically swim in a sea of bliss, but the downside is that they may try to climb each other to gasp for air. Because of this, astrologists tend to agree that emotional maturity plays a big role in this relationship. Both the man and woman in this relationship have layers of hidden depth. While Scorpio men cannot stand coldness or an untrue relationship, they also do not display these feelings, so the Cancer female must read deeper into the mind and heart of the Scorpio male. Cancer women may see their partners as children, but Cancer females also need their respect earned. This may meld well with Scorpios who admire personal will. Cancer females also need to create and make take more time to find themselves.