What Is the Relationship Between Scorpios and Snakes?

relationship-between-scorpios-snakes Credit: suebg1 photography/Moment/Getty Images

In Western astrological tradition, the relationship between snakes and Scorpios is rooted in historical symbolism. Going back to biblical imagery, the snake represents a loss of innocence and a thirst for a deeper understanding of the world. In astrology, those born under Scorpio (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) are seen as keenly inquisitive, thus their connection with the biblical symbol of the snake.

Additionally, Scorpio is often viewed as a dark and somewhat threatening astrological sign, according to Edge Magazine. Scorpios are born in a period when the weather is shifting from fall into winter. The best-known holiday marked during this time of year, Halloween, symbolizes a period of death, a loss of light and a dangerous environment. It is not surprising, therefore, that negative symbols such as the snake and the scorpion are associated with those born under this sign.

Some astrologists describe Scorpios as being very guarded with their intense emotions. This can lead Scorpios to lash out when others are not expecting it, much like a snake or scorpion lashes out at its prey.

Across global traditions, snakes are seen as symbols of rebirth and transformation. Those born under Scorpio also are seen as focused on intense transformation.