What Is the Relationship Between Rights and Duties?

Rights are conferred by the state, and in exchange, the citizen has certain duties that are conferred by that right when the citizen is able to do so. This is a reciprocal exchange that is intended to uphold the rights of everyone, including those who cannot carry out those duties.

As an example, countries such as the United States that guarantee citizens the right to trial by jury require everyone to serve as a member of a jury if called to do so. This ensures that a jury is on hand whenever one is needed to give everyone a speedy and fair trial.

People also have the right to enjoy protection and care from the government, whether this is in food aid, military protection or disaster relief. The government is considered to have a moral obligation to aid its citizens in times of need. In turn, citizens must pay taxes and support the government. Taxes ensure the availability of funds to pay for public utilities.

Another combination of rights and duties is the right to bear arms, the right to receive training in their use as a militia member and the duty to defend the state or country if called upon to do so via military draft.