What Is the Relationship Between Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Being Born Again?


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Protestant Christians believe that in order to enter Heaven, they must be born again as the spiritually perfect beings God intended, through the receipt of the Holy Spirit. The tenets of the modern Christian church are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament of the Bible.

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In the book of John, Jesus informs a new convert to his teachings that in order to enter Heaven, one must be reborn of the Holy Spirit. According to the Protestant faith, there are two key things one must do in order to be reborn. First, one must acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Messiah promised in the Old Testament and sent by God in the name of salvation of humanity. Second, one must confess all of one's sins and ask God to forgive them. If an individual does this with pure intentions, then the Holy Spirit will enter the person and cleanse the soul, after which he or she will be spiritually reborn. Although virtually all Protestant denominations agree that an individual must be born again, there is some dissent as to how the Holy Spirit enters the body. Some denominations believe it is simply a realization of pure intent to go forward and live according to the teachings of Jesus. Others believe that the Holy Spirit literally overtakes the bodies of those who are receiving them and causes them to speak in tongues, which are mysterious, sometimes indiscernible languages.

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