What Is Reiki Healing Therapy?


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Reiki healing therapy focuses on stress reduction and relaxation as the practitioner lays his hands on certain points of the client's body. These points are common areas that experience blockages and keep the client's life force energy from flowing freely. By unblocking these areas and allowing the energy to flow, Reiki helps the client to experience reduced stress, healthier living and improved mood.

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Reiki healing therapy works through the transference of positive energy into the chakras, which serve as a pathway for life force energy to flow through the body. These chakras become blocked by negative thoughts and feelings, and blockages can decrease organ functioning and health, as life force energy is unable to reach them. The transference of positive energy into chakras breaks up the blockage by increasing vibrations in the body's energy field. The subsequent pathways are both healed and straightened, and life force energy can penetrate the body's organs and tissues to increase their level of functioning.

Reiki is never a harmful process. The energy emitted knows what the client needs; it directs itself to the proper places and adjusts its level of intensity in order to best treat the present ailments. It is also safe for the practitioner, as there is no danger of the client's karma being transferred to him during the process. Additionally, a practitioner's energy level does not deplete; instead, practitioners benefit just as much from treatments as their clients.

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