How Do You Refinish Corian Countertops?

Refinishing scratched or blotchy Corian countertops requires a mild abrasive liquid cleaner, a damp sponge or rag and an abrasive pad. The refinishing process is relatively simple and can be executed without professional assistance.

For the everyday dirt stains and crumb accumulation, use soapy water or a preferred surface cleaner. Ammonia-based cleansing solutions are also suitable, but some may cause a waxy buildup that may give the surface a dull appearance.

To remove blotches, use a mild abrasive liquid cleanser. Apply a moderate amount on a damp rag or moist sponge and wash in small circular strokes. For deeper stains, use a more potent cleanser. Be sure to was the surface with water after cleaning, and dry the counter completely with an absorbent rag.

To remove scratches, apply an abrasive pad to the top in a light sanding motion. Follow the direction of the scratch first, then work your away against it, applying more pressure as needed. After removing the dust residue, spray water on the surface and sand the counter with 1,000- or 1,200-grit sandpaper.

To refinish, use a sponge and create a matte finish by rubbing the entire countertop. Lastly, disinfect the counter by using a solution of one part bleach and one part water. Rinse it thoroughly, and let it dry.