What Are Red Spots Around the Eyes?

Red spots, which are small and appear as pinpoints, can be a symptom of the condition called petechiae. This symptom can develop around the eyes because small blood vessels break and cause bleeding under the skin in this area. Different causes can lead to petechiae, which may be minor or related to an underlying medical issue, reports Mayo Clinic.

Petechiae occurs as the result of small blood vessels called capillaries breaking and forming these red pin prick marks. If the blood pools in a large area, the condition is referred to as purpura, states the National Institute of Health’s MedlinePlus.

When petechiae affects the face or neck areas, it can be related to factors that places strain on these areas, such as when someone coughs, vomits, or cries, notes Mayo Clinic. Some other causes for red spots around the eyes can be taking certain medicines that can include antibiotics, pain relievers like aspirin and quinine.

There are also underlying medical conditions and diseases that may cause petechiae. For example, different types of infections can present the symptom of red spots, which can include endocarditis and scarlet fever. Certain medical issues, such as leukemia and septicemia can also be associated with petechiae.

When petechiae is related to causes like crying or vomiting, no treatment is required in most cases. If this condition develops, people should see their doctor because it can be related to serious underlying issues that can require treatment.