What Is the Recovery Process for a Broken Pelvis?

The recovery process for a broken pelvis depends on the nature and severity of the break, but any break requires that the person avoid applying her full weight to the legs for a period of months to allow the pelvis to heal, American Academy or Orthopaedic Surgeons explains. For relatively minor fractures in which the bones stay in alignment, recovery generally does not require surgery, but requires the use of a walker or cane for up to three months.

Traumatic injuries are the most common causes of pelvis fractures, American Academy or Orthopaedic Surgeons says. These types of pelvis fractures tend to be unstable and require external braces with rods connecting them to bone to hold them in place and permit healing. These types of injuries are often accompanied by severe trauma to surrounding areas as well and can pose immediate threats for blood loss and damage to internal organs. Large nerves and blood vessels to the legs pass through the pelvis as do portions of the reproductive and digestive organs. These injuries may require traction to heal, and they may also require the permanent installation of plates and screws to keep the bones in place. With proper treatment, most pelvic fractures heal well, although supporting muscles can take a long time to regain full strength.