How Do You Recite Verses From the Quran?

How Do You Recite Verses From the Quran?

Recite verses from the Quran using "tarteel," or slow, measured tones. Recite each letter clearly and pause at the end of each verse to consider what you have read. Find a peaceful space in which you can fully concentrate on the task.

Before you begin reciting, you must clean your hands and mouth. Keep water nearby so you can rinse your mouth if you clear your throat. Anybody preparing to recite from the Quran should wear appropriate clothes, including a turban for men and a hijab for women.

Praise Allah before and after you begin reciting. Do not stop reciting until you have completed the entire "surah," or passage.

Learning Arabic helps you to get the most meaning from your recitations. Even if you are not fluent in Arabic, word for word translations of the Quran are available.

If you find yourself being distracted by other thoughts, try not to get frustrated; simply continue trying to recite as best you can.

At the end of the recitation, consider how you can apply the ideas in the verses to your everyday life. Do not leave your Quran out in the open, and do not store anything on top of it, because Muslims believe that nothing is higher than the Quran.