How Do You Recite a Spell for Good Luck?


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To recite a spell for good luck, find the spell that you wish to speak, and then recite it with emphasis and conviction, according to Spells of Magic. The exact conditions for the recitation vary from spell to spell, and many spells have rooms for personalization, according to Llewellyn.

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A spell is an incantation, a series of words in any language or a prayer that is designed to invoke some type of magical effect, whether to curse an enemy of the speaker or to provide some type of beneficial effect for the speaker. Some spells are designed to provide speakers with luck in finances, love and general accomplishments and competitions. Sometimes the spell is not an entire phrase or poem, and it may be a mantra of one word repeated over and over to achieve the desired effect, according to Wikipedia.

Many traditional spells that were used in ancient witchcraft circles are mostly lost or wiped out as a result of the growth of monotheistic religions, such as Judaism and Christianity. Not all words used in a spell are considered to be magical, and practitioners believe that the spell should be cast in a specific context in order to achieve the strongest effects, according to Wikipedia. Many foreign language words are used in magical spells to invoke power associated with archaic times.

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