How Do You Recite a Prayer to Drive Out Evil Spirits?


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Drive out evil spirits by performing a smudging ceremony during which you command the evil spirits to leave the inhabited person, object or space. Sage is a common herb for smudging ceremonies, but people performing the ritual sometimes use other herbs, such as sweet grass, fennel or lavender, on their own or in combination with sage.

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Smudging ceremonies have been used for centuries as a spiritual practice for driving evil spirits out of a person, an object or a space, such as a home. Many cultures and religions, including Christianity and the natural religions of indigenous peoples, use burning aromatic herbs in spiritual practices, such as the driving out of evil spirits.

Sage is common in ceremonies aimed at driving out evil spirits. Bundle it alone, or combined with other aromatic herbs, and light it with a candle or lighter. Extinguish the flame, leaving the herbs to smolder. Fill the air around the object, person or space in need of cleansing, and recite a prayer commanding the evil spirits to leave and to cleanse the space of all negative thoughts and energy. Use "The Lord's Prayer" or create a customized prayer fit for the situation.

In addition to the spiritual benefits of smudging, smoke from medicinal herbs also cleanses the air of some bacteria, according to research published in 2007 in The Journal of Ethnopharmacology.

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