How Do You Find Recipes From “The Chew” TV Show?

To view recipes shown on ABC’s “The Chew,” visit the show’s website and click “Recipes.” From there select one of the featured recipes or use the search option to find something specific.

“The Chew’s” recipes are broken down by type. “Appetizers, Starters and Snacks,” “Chicken and Poultry,” “Chocolate” and “Vegetarian” recipes all show up in separate recipe collections. To find a specific recipe as seen on the show, use the search box at the top of the page.

  1. Locate the search bar and type in the name of the recipe
  2. For example, try searching for “Enchiladas.” Type it into the search box and hit the little magnifying glass to continue.

  3. Narrow down the search
  4. Filter the search results by choosing a main ingredient, type of cuisine, course and meal or most recent. As the user selects specific options, the recipes below change.

  5. Select the recipe
  6. After selecting a recipe, a new window appears. Click on the video to see the recipe as it was prepared on the air. Scroll down to find the printed recipe.

  7. Pin, share or save
  8. After finding the right recipe, users can pin it to Pinterest, share it on Facebook or Twitter, or print it on their home printer.