How Do You Receive the Holy Spirit?

A person receives the Holy Spirit through recognizing his guilt before God, seeking forgiveness by relying on Christ’s provision, and giving control of his life over to Jesus. It is also referred to as baptism in the Spirit, a metaphor for being immersed in the Holy Spirit forever.

There is nothing else one needs to do to receive the Holy Spirit. Believers receive the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit automatically, simply by exercising saving faith in Jesus Christ. However, this should not be confused with being filled with the Spirit.

Baptism is positional in that it is the Holy Spirit placing someone in the body of believers. Being filled with the Spirit is more of a practical matter, according to religious sources.

Filling is an ongoing process that can happen daily as an individual empties himself of his own desires and replaces them with those of God. It is the idea of being permeated and driven by the Spirit of God as one yields everything to his control.

Different still is the experience of being anointed by the Holy Spirit for a particular aspect of ministry, which involves gifts the Holy Spirit distributes for the common good, such as prophecy, the working of miracles, or the gift of healing.