How Do You Recalibrate an Omron Blood Pressure Monitor?

You can have an Omron blood pressure monitor recalibrated by shipping the monitor to the Omron company’s service center, explains the company’s website. Monitors can undergo inspection and recalibration every two years to ensure the accuracy of blood pressure readings.

Prior to sending the monitor for inspection and calibration, Omron recommends troubleshooting the monitor by following the steps in the instruction manual provided with the product. If you experience difficulties, call Omron’s customer support for assistance. Customer service representatives can also help with determining the right service center to send the monitor to, as well as explain the warranties and repair costs.

When shipping the device for inspection, enclose the amount of money not covered by the warranty, advises Omron. It is also best to insure the package, as the company does not cover any losses or damages that occur during shipment. Ship the device with all the component pieces, and request an estimate for the cost of replacement pieces in the letter enclosed with the device. The letter should also include your name, address, phone number, the device’ model number and your case number, which you can obtain from a customer service representative. You should also enclose a description of any issues you’ve experienced with the device.