What Are Some Reasons Why People Study the Tabernacle?

People study the Tabernacle because it relates to Christ's sacrifice on the cross, Israelite priesthood and the symbolism of the temple curtain tearing. The section of the Bible that discusses the Tabernacle is included among sacred writings that are mentioned in the Book of Timothy as being important for mankind to learn. The Tabernacle is a symbol of the way God wants people to commit to him through serious worship.

Sheep and goats were sacrificed at the Tabernacle, which are events that foreshadow Jesus Christ's eventual sacrifice. The system of sacrifice at the Tabernacle helps to explain why John the Baptist referred to Christ as the Lamb of God. The tearing of the temple curtain represents removing the barrier between God and man; this symbolism only makes sense if people study the Tabernacle and understand its layout.

The Tabernacle also represents the Israelite priesthood's origins, as God dictated to Moses. Studying the Tabernacle and its rituals helps Christians better understand events in Jesus' life, including the reasons why he is referred to as a high priest in the New Testament. Some Christians interpret the Tabernacle as a symbol of God's desire that people let him guide them and that learning about the Tabernacle is an important part of becoming holy.