What Are Some Real Spells That Work?

There is no evidence that real spells work or exist. Some people recite spells that ask for positive changes in their lives, as they believe the words help invoke the power of positive thinking, according to Simply Mystic Miracles. For them, spells are about transforming one's way of thinking and developing a drive to achieve their realistic goals. Their belief in spells is the belief in their own ability to make words a reality.

Some people also believe that reciting spells helps them tap into the mystical forces at work in the universe and draws their desires toward them. For them, magic is the act of evoking and manipulating energy to one's benefit. They do not sit around waiting for the universe to give them what they want, though; instead they go out and make an effort to make their wishes come true. For instance, when they cast love spells, they feel inspired to get out and meet people, approaching them with a positive, friendly attitude that inspires love in them.

Those who recite spells tend to believe that they work best when they focus on one particular desire at a time. They think that channeling their energy and efforts into one goal at a time makes it easier to achieve that goal.