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The dictionary defines "real life" as something that happens in reality. However, one town sought to educate children about real life by exposing them to adulthood, performing an experiment wherein they were taught to budget based on a monthly income determined by GPA to emphasize the link between real life, responsibilities and adulthood.

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However, some philosophers and scientists have studied reality and real life as matters of perception, mapped by an individual's world view. Some theories of reality postulate that reality does not exist outside of perceptions and beliefs; there is no objective reality or truth. This position is known as anti-realism.

Reality is often described as an opposition to falsehoods or illusions. It has multiple definitions of varying specificity. One definition states that reality is the state of things as they exist, while another states that reality includes everything that is or has been whether or not it has been observed or comprehended. A third definition states that reality includes everything that has existed, currently exists and is bound to exist in the future.

Complicating the discussion is an increasingly richer and more complex online presence in people's lives. On the Internet, "real life" refers to life or consensus reality, or even simply the state of being offline.

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