Are Real-Life Images of Ghosts Available Online?

Many Internet sites claim to display real-life images of ghosts, including, and There are millions of links online to images and information about ghosts. Purported images of ghosts online range from amorphous, mist-like shapes to slightly transparent likenesses of human beings.

According to, ghost photography began with William H. Mumler. When developed, Mumler's photographs of living men and women appeared to show their deceased relatives standing next to them. In his lifetime Mumler's ghost photographs were neither validated nor refuted, but today experts consider them to be fakes.

Today there are other experts, however, whose ghost photographs may stand up to scrutiny. One such group of experts can be found on the Travel Channel show "Ghost Adventures." They and other paranormal investigators use a variety of imaging equipment and other devices, including infrared and electromagnetic detectors, in pursuit of scientific proof of the existence of ghosts. Photographs and video from their investigations are available on their website.