What Are Some Real-Life Haunted Houses?


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Although the existence of ghosts has never been proven, many locations around the country are believed by some to be haunted. In many states, real estate agents are required to disclose purported paranormal or supernatural activity in homes to prospective buyers.

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What Are Some Real-Life Haunted Houses?
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One of the most famous real-life haunted-house cases is the Amityville house. The house was the site of the grisly murder of an entire family before being purchased by a second family that reported many terrifying events while living in the house. The family later attempted to have the house exorcised and eventually moved. The experience has inspired books and movies.

Another famous haunted house is one of the most famous houses in America -- the White House. Among the ghosts purported to make regular appearances here is Abraham Lincoln. The Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana is supposedly haunted by Chloe, a slave girl, and the children she poisoned after being reprimanded by the children's father, the plantation owner. Chloe was rumored to have had an affair with the owner.

The Winchester Mystery House in California is another real-life haunted house. It was the home of Sarah Winchester, who was the heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune. She was allegedly scared of the spirits of the people killed by the Winchester rifle.

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