Is There Real Evidence for Sasquatch Sightings?


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There is no definitive evidence that lends credence to the existence of Sasquatch, as of 2014. Supporters point to blurry pictures and homemade movies, dubious hair samples, oversized hominid footprints and untestable anecdotes as proof, but every submitted piece of sample evidence fails to confirm the existence of Bigfoot.

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As of 2014, the most recent evidence put forward for the existence of Sasquatch is a pseudo-scientific study from 2013 by veterinarian-turned-geneticist Dr. Melba Ketchum of the Sasquatch Genome Project. Ketchum and her team claim that they collected tissue and hair samples, extracted DNA and sequenced "three whole Sasquatch genomes." Dr. Ketchum attempted to have the paper published in peer-reviewed journals, but none accepted it. The study is considered highly unscientific by those researchers and scientists who have commented on it. Investigation reveals that one of the three institutions Ketchum claims to have sent samples to, New York University, did not receive a sample and another was not asked to complete a sequencing. Dr. Ketchum asserts that the third institute sided with her but was persuaded not to endorse the findings due to potential ridicule.

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