How Do You Take Reading Counts Quizzes?

To take a Scholastic Reading Counts quiz, log into the program, and select the Take a Quiz tab. In this tab, search for a book using the Quick Search tool, select the book, and click Go. Complete all 10 questions on the quiz. A passing grade consists of seven out of 10 correct answers.

Scholastic Reading Counts is an independent reading program for kindergarten through 12th grade that combines traditional reading practice with software-based assessments of a student’s reading ability. The program helps develop students’ reading skills, raises their test scores and motivates them to become better readers.

The program works by matching a student with a book that is of interest to her and a good match for her skill level. The student then reads the book and takes the corresponding quiz. SRC automatically generates a quiz that meets each student’s reading needs.

As of 2015, Scholastic has more than 55,000 titles in its library and is constantly developing new quizzes. Each year, SRC adds quizzes for more than 2,800 children’s fiction and non-fiction titles. Teachers and school administrators can go online to the Book Expert tool and view the entire listing of quizzes and their associated book titles.